Episode 1:  Tied Up and Hitting My Balls

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Description: In the opening episode of Season 5, we meet the three teams that will be competing against each other. This year, it's the BATTLE OF THE COUPLES, and we are featuring three couples in very different stages of their relationships. Brandon Wilde and Dylan Knight are dating, Theo Ford and Logan Moore are engaged, Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro are married. This season's challenges are devised to test each couple's strengths and weaknesses. How well do they work together, and how well do they really know each other? Find out more each week on So You Think You Can Fuck, Season 5!

This week, the contestants have a timed challenge that will test how well they work together in a physical challenge. Then, one team chooses a third to have a threesome. Who is it and why did they choose him? And, what do our judges think? Find out all this and more in our first episode. 1000 points are up for grabs this episode. Who will guest judge Brent Corrigan like the best? Find out now!

Who will win this 10-week game show? Only YOU can decide that, by voting for your favorite contestant every day!

This show is off to an AMAZING start!
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